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On this part of our website, we will mention and give links to several documents that are relevant for our company or for management and society in general. The most interesting documents at the moment can be found here by following the link \"special downloads\"

There you will find at least the discourse \"a phronesis antenarrative\" which is basically dealing about social sciences in general. And gives some great example of antenarrative.

Also the discourse \"antenarrating our economies\" is very interesting to read.

Phronesis antenarrating is an invention originating from Wilfred Berendsen, the owner of Wilvon Organization & Developments. The notion Phronesis antenarrating is derived from the notion Antenarrating, as invented by David Boje. David Boje is one of  the leading professors in change management worldwide. Around october 2010, Routledge will publish a book titled\"storytelling and the future of organizations- an antenarrative handbook\". This book would also include a chapter written by the owner of Wilvon on Phronesis Antenarrating, but in the end the author decided it was better to cancel the idea of publishing the chapter in the Routledge book.

Phronesis antenarrrating is more entelychistic and much more sophisticated than antenarrating, mainly because of the fact that sane sensemaking is incorporated in the notion but also and mainly because it is based on the SOLE true underlying structure of ALL of our universes and social realities. ALL of social sciences and practices HAVE to be altered to this understanding incorporated in phronesis antenarrating, and phronesis antenarrating is actually the sole greatest way for change and improvement of whatsoever in our universes and society at large. It is the ultimate change tool, developed by the owner of Wilvon Organization and Developments.

The piece on Phronesis Antenarrating written by the owner of Wilvon, which is like already mentioned the ultimate change tool and methodology for understanding and improving whatsoever in our relaties, is available for download here. This download may however only be used for reading yourself, and it is NOT allowed to distribute, copy or whatever any further. Meaning that anyone wanting to read about Phronesis Antenarrating is only allowed to download the chapter here then read it themselves. As mentioned in the piece itself, all the copyrights stay with the author of the work.

1) Phronesis antenarrating- reshaping our societies and universes through a holoplural mind perspective (folllow this link to download)

The link above leads you to a piece written about Phronesis Antenarrating, which is actually the sole sane way of sensemaking. This download is only for individual use and only for reading, and any other uses are strictly forbidden.

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