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Because we have a good understanding of the discourses of several intellectuals and discourses going on in society, we have our own opinion and thoughts about several aspects of life and society. Some of these we will not mention here because of irrelevance for our customers or society, or maybe because we want to first offer services related to these ideas. But during the year of 2009 we will try to put some of our own discourses here. To show some of our ways of thought and offer you some good reading.

Of course the discourses mentioned here are not completely ours. They are fed with the huge amount of input we get from several sources. The discourses that will be mentioned here are therefore not solely our discourses, but belong to the great discourse of life.

Our first discourses about some of the social aspects of life will be published here in short notice

Like everything in life, economy is just a social construction. At the moment economy is not running that well. Not only in the Netherlands, but in almost every richer country it could be far better. Reasons why this is the case is mainly because the context has to be broadened by getting people out of their boxes. See the \"space cake\" effect here on the site for a (little bit) better understanding.

The society we live in is now rather slowly developing in a society with lots of possibilities. Positive results of this development can be reached much quicker. The \"only\" thing that still has to happen is that a lot of people in every layers of life and profession have to get out of their boxes. This takes some time, but if it happens it will lead to a tremendous shift in quality of life and society as a whole.

We only hope that society, well the people in it, are in time accepting this new ways of living. Since, some scientist expects that at the latest (probably also much earlier) in about 50 years or so, life on earth is not possible anymore for humans. We are quite sure this scientist is right, IF people are not prepared and able to get out of their boxes and beside that completely reinvent their ways of living.


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