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"A mind that is stretched to a new idea never returns to it's original dimension"
(Oliver W. Holmes)
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To ensure that we can deliver the best services to our customers and their organizations, we are constantly improving our knowledge and understanding of the world surrounding us. This by using our senses, executing research both in theory and in practise.

Among others, our research activities entail the following:

  • Scanning of written discourses in better newspapers and the better internet sites
  • Taking part in specialistic forums and mailing lists on issues relevant for our business and management in general
  • Taking part in discussions with intellectuals at home and abroad. For instance through seminars with critical people with a thorough understanding of their own fields of interest and society in general.
  • Extensive reflections on the texts surrounding us, the discourses by and with other intellectuals and the world and issues surrounding us.
  • Executing our own research. Part of that is at the moment our research concerning social aspects of management. This Phd research project will be published here probably during the course of this year 2006.

During the course of this year and the years following, more information about our own research will be mentioned here. More general information about research from other intellectuals and parties can be found on other parts of this website.

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