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"A mind that is stretched to a new idea never returns to it's original dimension"
(Oliver W. Holmes)
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On this part of our website, we will mention and give links to several documents that are relevant for our company or for management and society in general. The most interesting documents at the moment can be found here by following the link "special downloads"

There you will find at least the discourse "a phronesis antenarrative" which is basically dealing about social sciences in general. And gives some great example of antenarrative.

Also the discourse "antenarrating our economies" is very interesting to read.

At this part of our website, we will place very special discourses that are or can be fundamental for either our services or society as a whole.

For now, the discourse(s) published here will be draft version(s) of files we are working on at the moment.

These drafts are like it is mentioned, drafts. We publish them here for free download, but the persons who will dowload them are only allowed to read. All rights remain with Wilvon. (re)distributing them further outside this website is NOT allowed to anyone. This website is the only source for getting this discourse for free now, and only for reading it yourself and taking notice of the ideas and ways of viewing expressed in this great discourses.

For download now:

1) Holoplurality- the sole true structure of our universes (follow this link to download)

This file is a draft explaining the notion of holoplurality as invented by Wilfred Berendsen

2) A phronesis antenarrative (follow this link to download)

This file is a draft of our present for society. It is without any doubt one of the best discourses ever written. IF you understand. The discourse is not ready yet, which is why some parts are still bit too incomplete yet. The rights remain wit us and only source to download it from may be this website.

3) On philosophia and philophronesis (follow this link to download)

This file is a draft of our proposal to ad philophronesis as a specific branch of science towards science as a whole. By that we do not mean the generally understood meaning of philophronesis, but philophronesis as meaning love or devotion to practical wisdom. Read more about it by following the above link.

4) Antenarrating our economies (follow this link to download)

This file is a draft with our perspectives on what is wrong in our economies. We think to understand that the economical crisis of 2008/2009 is some logical result of a process already going on for long. Resulting from the misunderstandings of both economists and governments what economy really is and how to deal with the growth of our economies. By that limiting the growth of people and society and even having a bad impact on economies at large.

5) A phronesis antenarrative about the understanding of money and usage of money in more phronetic ways (follow this link to download)

This file is a draft with a first proposal for a better understanding of money and the money game. This analysis is based on the methodology of Phronesis Antenarrating and the insights about the sole true structure of our universes. Also the notion of transitive values play an important role here.

6) Towards a reenchanted society through storytelling and phronesis antenarrating (follow this link to download)

This file presents our understandings of transitive values and enrichment of our society, based on a sound sensemaking process. Enchantment, disenchantment and reenchantment are more or less transformed towards the general notion of enrichment, and this discourse put forward the argument that a more sane individual and collective sensemaking guiding all our actions can largely contribute to enrichment of our society and our universes at large.

7) On social judgements (follow this link to download)

This file offers some first fundament for a better understanding of social judgments, social judgements being an essential part of social practises and situations at large.  


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